By Lucy Endel Bassli

Founder and Principal, InnoLegal Services, PLLC

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times with no clear roadmap of what’s coming next. Many companies have business continuity plans in place, but it is incumbent on the CLOs and GCs to ensure Legal doesn’t become the weak link. The best way to avert future adverse conditions is to invest in critical planning now. 

During the Great Recession I was at Microsoft and responsible for implementing systems. That experience gives me unique insight on the challenges of investing time and money in strengthening legal processes during difficult times. 

But it isn’t all gloom. It can be a time for us to come together as a community—to share experiences and best practices so we can all do our best to support our business clients.

About Lucy

Lucy is a legal industry expert and in-house counsel veteran, focused on driving much-needed change in the delivery of legal services. Lucy specializes in all aspects of contracting (resource allocation, automation, process optimization and smart risk-taking), and is also a legal operations generalist with experience in spend management, knowledge management and strategic planning.

Lucy is renowned for her change management successes during her tenure at Microsoft, where she was responsible for implementing changes and processes during the Great Recession. Lucy serves as strategy advisor for LawGeex and runs a successful consulting business.